Stay at home mom


I’ve been a stay at home mom for 10 years, my life revolves around my kids and my husband. I have a 5, 6 year old and a 10 month old. I’m deprived. Husband works from 7am to 3:30pm but due to the commute he doesn’t get here til about 4pm. When he does come home, dinner is ready and the house is clean.. laundry is done but all he does when he comes home is shower and sleep. He’s a sheetmetal worker at a shipyard and I understand that he’s tired. Yet regardless of him being tired I’m out of my mind! I feel lonely, I take care of my babies all day. Play with them and have conversations with them as well. As soon as they go to sleep it’s like I have no one. My husband just sleeps and sleeps. Only day he has off is on Sunday but yet he sleeps on the only day he has with his family 😩 I’m lonely, I’m tired.. I don’t get any attention. When I cook he comes in the kitchen every once in a while and hugs me from the back and gives me kisses.. but that’s not enough. I need more.. I’m wanting more!!! I demand more. How can I tell him this in the nicest way possible without getting nasty? I’m too the point where idgaf about his job or him being tired. 😭😓 I need fucking attention and so does this body, mind and soul. I need some TLC got damnit!!! 😩❤️

EDIT: I’m only 25 yrs old, never got to experience clubbing, partying or none of that. Yet I’m here deprived of all of it.. he’s 28 but he’s been to parties and clubbing when younger.. I didn’t. I had to grow tf up and leave all that behind cause I got pregnant at a early age. Idk. I’m just maybe thinking my life over and if this is what I deserve or not. I think I should be a free spirit with or without kids. Not saying sleep around but having the joy of life. 😩 maybe I’m just talking to talk. I get a little jealous that he gets to be around other people in the world while I don’t have that luxury 🤷🏽‍♀️

Update: I’m not sure how I was so naive, I spoke to husband and he really loves me! 🥺 I feel bad for saying what I said because he thinks that I’m pregos 🤭 he does always sleep this much when I’m pregnant and now I am scared shit out of my mind!!!!!! I do not want to go thru another c section pain. 😩 I’m dreading a pregnancy test.