Should I test. If so when?

Nia Bia

Okay Ladies I'm so confused! This will be my second pregnancy if I am pregnant. I jave been ttc for 4 months now after getting off nexplanon. All of my cycles have been normal except this one. My app says I ovulated on the first or second. But on the 4th I have a lot of really creamy cm. (Tmi sorry!) Then a lot of sharp pains and headache for a few days after that. Period was due on the 15th but didn't come till the 16th. And it was really light the first two days. On the 18th & 19th it was almost gone. Only there when I wipe thats it. Woke up this morning nothing. I was a little nauseous yesterday and this morning. But no vomit. My breast arent really sore but i have gas and constipation (tmi sorry!). Today I just have cramps on the left side of my tummy hurts. Should I test?