Possible Trigger - Ultrasound #2


Hi Ladies,

I hope your Monday is going well.

Today’s appointment was a mix of wonderful and sad. Last week my RE & OB were very up front about how 40-60% of triplet pregnancies reduce at some point. Well, we fall into that statistic. We lost one of our babies. Based on measurements, it likely happened towards the end of last week. Even knowing this was possible and being prepared...I’m crushed. I had adjusted to the idea of being a family of 5 and started to wonder about everything the future would hold. I know I’ll always wonder about him or her and I’ll find a way to incorporate our angel baby into our lives.

Now I just need to get my mind to a better place and stop thinking I’ll lose a baby at each step.😕

Onto happy news... Our two babies are doing amazing! They measure 7 weeks 2 days (1 day ahead). Their heart rates are 144 & 136 and sound so strong. Both have arms/legs starting to develop. Everything about them is just perfect! One is “outgoing” and one is “shy”. Fingers crossed they continue on this path and are our take home babies.

Other positive, the SCH has almost completely resolved. Since I haven’t had anymore bleeding...the hope is that I won’t. If my RI is good with the situation I’ll start lovenox injections again (yipppeee, I hate these lol!).

I’m semi-graduated from my RE. Due to the change in circumstances, I’ve left a message for my OB to see how we re-group and if he still wants to have me consult with a maternal/fetal specialist.

I’ll try to post pics of my US pics in the comments.

Time to pick myself back up and maybe have some ice cream...watch some mindless tv and massage my angry PIO buttcheeks.😜