I need help ! MAYBE TMI


I am 8 weeks pregnant and I have been puking all day which I know is normal morning sickness but on top of that I have had constant diarrhea I can’t eat or drink anything or I’m on the toilet puking and going number 2. I have went so many times today I’m literally sore and bleeding down there, my hands and arms and legs and feet are itching so badly so the point I’m scratching so bad I’m leaving actual scratches without even realizing it. This is my third pregnancy I’ve never dealt with this before just normal morning sickness. My stomach is hurting and cramping so badly I just don’t know what to do I’m absolutely miserable.

**I’m not sure is matters but my first two pregnancy I went into preterm labor with both of them, my first we were able to keep in until 37 weeks exactly and the second was born at 34weeks, I first started labor with both of them around 20 weeks and they were able to stop it both times and then quite a few times after that .**