wish us luck ✨✨✨

the hubs and i started to get impatient. we’ve been trying for a baby for about a year now. it does only get harder everyday. it’s hard to see everyone around you with the same dream you and your partner wish for so badly. but it’s okay because eventually everything you want is yours when you put in the work and wish hard enough, right? and so we haven’t given up.

about two months ago, during my period, we had a talk. what do we do to help us? what gives us the boost we need to just get there? and so we decided multivitamins and of course preseed. we got our stuff eventually and didn’t touch them for a little bit.

i think it’s safe to say we are afraid to get let down..

but all that aside, he on his own decided to start taking the vitamins a few days after i started mine. then i started my new cycle. i reminded him about the things we’ve got.

at first he was a little threatened by the packaging of the preseed, i can tell he wasn’t sure if he wanted to go through so many steps before getting to the fun lol. but we used it, repeatedly.

now my ovulation week is over, it’s time for the waiting game. and that’s why i’m here. ladies please send baby dust and luck our way! we are ready for our blessing.

blessed be and baby dust to everyone ✨

ps - i will update with results ❤️