I'm new and wondering if it's worth to test


Hi! Uhhm I'm new to this app, not yet familiarized with the terminology as English isn't my native language tho, but anyways... I'm two days late i know it might be like too too early to wonder if I might be preggers but I do wonder cause if I am I have to change specific things from my routine... I got my IUD removed on Ap-6

Ultrasound showed everything in the baby making factory is ok, I'm fairly regular, never missed a period, might be off for a day or two but is rare... Should I take a pregnancy test? Thing is .. we were careful (condom and pull out -sorry if it's tmi) because I'm on a weight lose journey as well... (Doc told me I had to lose 25 kilos so we wouldn't have any concerns, on April 6 i weighed 105.2 kilos... As of last week I was at 101kilos with a diet change an exercise) so I would really want to lose the weight but if we already hit the jackpot we would be thrilled! Should I wait?or should I test already?

Thanks in advance!