Lost in my college career

Right after highschool I had no idea what I genuinely wanted to be. I decided to go with dental assistant since I had braces and I thought it was cool. I entered the program and it was 10x more harder than I expected. 3-4 hour lecture, an immense amount of studying and memorization to procedures. I have always been the AP/ honors student but for the first time in my life I just feel over school. I dont care. Im also very close to doing externships at a dental clinic( if I pass the final exam in a few days) I genuinely am terrified to go to externships & tbh I dont even think I like this career at all and I just know deep in my soul this isn’t want I want to do for the rest of my life (im 21) my family keeps telling me to just finish it but im so unmotivated and I keep having these thoughts of why am I still doing this for a stupid piece of paper( associates degree ) that is only going to please my family and not me and on top of that im 99% sure I wont be making a career out of it. Please I need help im so lost.