I’m 18 days postpartum and I’m just starting to feel so overwhelmed and depressed. I have 3 children and 2 Of them just cry and fight and don’t listen to me literally all day. My newborn does not want to be put down, the moment she falls asleep and I put her down she’s right back up crying. I haven’t been able to go to the bathroom, shower in 2 days , tend to myself the way I should. Also it’s been hard taking care of my other 2 because baby is literally always In my arms. I can’t clean, work, sleep, do laundry anything and I’m just so frustrated. I love my kids but at this point I just wish I didn’t have any. I’m so stressed out, all I can do is cry at this point. And to top it off I have my mother and my grandmother judging tf out of me! Like I’m trying! I’m trying to adjust to having 3 kids now. It’s not easy! I’m freaking trying to make everybody happy but I’m not happy myself, I have so much on me right now with little to no help.