do you see it?


Hey everyone, I'm driving myself crazy. I see faint positives on all three tests but no one else seems to.

I don't know approximately how far along I would be, my period was due May 16th but I have very irregular periods, PCOS, endo, history of multiple miscarriages. Have been TTC for 3 years with no luck.

I also am unsure of when I ovulated this cycle, was not consistently testing.

I tested the evening of 6/9 and got faint faint lines and I tested this morning (6/10) and got faint lines.

Also including screenshots from editing app where I added a HDR filter.

I'm sorry for so many pics.

Any insight would be appreciated. I've been so nauseous all week, esp the last 2 days. I am having a burning ache type feeling in my pelvis today. Also just recovering from covid so feeling like garbage in general.

Thank you in advance. ❤