33 Weeks- Less Movement?


I’m 33 weeks today, I’ve been to the OBGYN 3 days in a row with constant worries that somethings wrong. I don’t have any friends or family so I’m here seeing if anyone has experienced this as well.. I was doing kick counts starting at 28 weeks, getting 10 kicks within 2 hours. It was always completed after about 30 minutes then 4 nights ago I could only get 8 within 2 hours! I was obviously worried. The next day still felt no movement at all. I called went in, they said she has a strong heartbeat & was breathing well! The ultrasound tech couldn’t get her to move either.. she had me bending, stretching.. etc to get her to move but nothing ! They had me come back to do a non stress test on her, everything looked good as well. But now here I am waiting at the doctors again.. being that she’s breathing w a strong heartbeat is this normal that I’m not feeling her as much?? I mean this morning I felt her about 4-6 times very very early in the morning they’re just not as strong as they used to be! Im just worried & wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar.