SOS Save our sex!!! :)

Erin • Married to my best friend ❤️
Ok sorry if this is TMI, but my husband and I have been married just barely 4 months and we have sex like a newlywed couple ;) except... He's never been able to get me to orgasm... He is a determined soul and wants to get me to go... But I think I know the problem... He's kinda got a small penis... He's wide... Just not long. He's a determined soul and wants to do it all by himself... And I can tell that when we talk about toys, he's not too keen on the idea... But I don't know what to do! 
​Please! If you have any ideas or tips, tell me! I'd love to hear cause I want to help us both! Am I the only one who's had this happen??? Thanks guys! :)