Housewife rant!

Feeling unappreciated, I am a stay at home mom to a 4 year old, my schedule consist of waking up cooking breakfast, cleaning my entire house top to bottom endless loads of laundry and teaching my child, everyday I cook a hot meal for my husband to have on the table when he gets home, put his clothes in the bathroom for the next day, and pajamas for him to change into when he gets home, I greet him at the door and carry his things inside, I do everything for him! He works long hours and I understand the need for "me" time. As soon as he gets home he eats showers and instantly gets on the computer and stays there till he goes to bed, I read bathe and put my child to bed everynight, so in other words I get absolutely no attention from him and neither does my child. As well as not getting hardly a reply from him while he's at work, no thank yous or this meal is good no nothing ever, not even a kiss until its bedtime, I innitiate any date, sex, romance all of it. I've told him several times how I feel, down to begging him to simply sit with me a watch TV. I've had enough of feeling like a maid...well slave, ugggg rant over!