Why have people got to be nasty?


I am very sad to see so many bitchy/nasty comments on here recently. :( I understand that people have differing opinions but is it really necessary to be so nasty?

There's posts about ladies being "too early to show" "just chunky" "awful name" etc etc. Some of the ladies/families on here have been through very long journeys just to be pregnant right now. Who cares if the "showing" they have is really bloating or extra chunk, why can't people just be nice and say well done or congratulations.

One of the things that bought me to this site was the great reviews it had, however the community section has really put a dampener on it. I myself have been part of an infertile couple for 11 years, we have a beautiful 3 yr old little boy born by <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">ivf</a>, and are now expecting our 2nd little oracle in August.

Some of the ladies on here have only Ever dreamed of the day that they can say "I'm finally pregnant" or "I'm showing already, how exciting"

So I ask, next time you feel a nasty comment is needed please consider the journey this person has been on, and does it really matter if what they take as baby showing is really something else? Even if you haven't been on a long journey, pregnancy is a magical time. Please just be considerate.

Thank you x