Our loss...

We were so unbelievably happy, grateful, and honored to be blessed with the ability and the previlidge to bring a beautiful precious little baby in this amazing world!
We had a nightly and morning ritual where, whilst lying in bed, I would place my hand on my beautiful girlfriend's stomach and I would speak inspiring affirmations and words to express the never-ending extent of our love, the joy we are experiencing, and how we could not wait to hold, caress, kiss, stare into their eyes, play, feed, and love her/him.  Those were some truly special and wonderful moments of which I am sure I will never forget!  
We just hit our 7th week of pregnancy and flew out to see my family for Christmas vacation in Pennsylvania (we live in LA).  After spending an amazing Christmas with my family, we wound up losing our baby two days later.  We are devistated.  We had sex and afterwards we saw some light pink blood.  We were both extremely scared, seeing that we had just experienced a miscarriage two months earlier.  The bleeding continued, getting heavier and heavier with more and more clots.  My girlfriend was in sooo much pain and almost passed out from the agony.  This all happened as we were on our long flight cross country back to LA.  I felt so badly for her and still do as she is still feeling incredible pain, bleeding, and clotting.  I love her so much and I am here by her side even though she pushes me away physically and emotionally.  I know she is uber sad and depressed for our second loss.  I am feeling extremely sad and down as well but I cannot even imagine what she is going through.  The only thing I know is to be there for her and share the experience together as a couple.  Please men and women share your advice if you have been through a similar situation.  We can use guidance and wisdom right about now.  
We conducted a small intentional medication and ceremony to honor the short life our baby "Baby Christmas".
Thank you in advance.
In Gratitude.