Round 2

The sister app to this one, Glow, was ultimately the reason I'm pregnant today ☺ my peak ovulation day was Dec 11th, that day (I like to call them "uh ohs') an "uh oh" happened & sure enough when it came time for my period it was not there! Finally after I was about 3 days late I decided to take a test that night, it was a faint positive but still a positive! I wasn't convinced so I took another one that next morning (they say the morning pee is the best pee) & I got another BFP! So, that night I finally told my husband & we couldn't be happier! 2 will be enough for us though so I'm happy it happened now. My son will be 2 in May & this next baby will be due in the beginning of September ( my birthday month! 😊)