Do you think it's rude...


My daughter's father has been with his girlfriend for about 2 years. He had never introduced us. My daughter is 12. He's always met my SO's. (I've been with 2 guys since we've been apart. Married and divorced one. Been with my husband now for 6 years.) My daughter strongly dislikes this girl, she's 24ish, and I've been told she doesn't like my daughter because she's not girly enough and won't talk to the girlfriend.

The reason my daughter dislikes her is because she got in the way of her dad dating a woman whom she liked and has a daughter the same age as my daughter.

Here's the kicker, when she goes to her dad's she usually spends her time at the ex's house. However, she dose occasionally have to spend time with the girlfriend, who also now has a baby with him.

Is it rude that he has never introduced us? Or am I being too uptight about it?