Cheating ?

Hello ladies
​I need to air my worries and ask for fresh opinions. I moved interstate with hubby to support his desire for work pursuits. Browsing fb on his phone tonight I accidentally came across snapchat on his phone when I closed the fb app. I seen a brief context about about 'excited' and something along the line of 'are you as much as I?'
​I didn't think anything of it then casually asked him about snapchat. He snatched the phone and said nothing ! He refused to give it back and wanted to delete what ever was on there. I finally got it outta him that it was a female from work that I stirred him up previously about for having a "thing" for. He said they were talking about her new job. I asked why the secrecy and he said he just didn't want me to know he'd been talking to her cause I'd flip out. To me if that we're true there's be nothing to delete. Why hide the phone and delete what ever was on there ? Topping things off I an now 6 weeks pregnant with our second child and thinking of moving back home without him. I wish I knew of a way to see previous snapchat conversations. I asked why ant he txt or message on fb instead of using an app that deletes things. That to me in suss. I guess my question is what do you guys think? Am I reading too much into it or are my suspicions right ?