Abdominal pain before AF?

TtcMommyof1 • Wife to a wonderful man ❤️. Mommy to an amazing 6 year old girl 💕. Due 11/8 with a baby boy after 37m ttc💙
I'm due for AF on Friday, the 10th. For the past 24 hours I've felt slightly nauseous and had breast tingling/tenderness. For the last 6 or so hours I've started having random pinching pain to the right of my belly button. It doesn't feel like a cramp and isn't a constant pain. It just randomly will get a pinching sensation. Has anyone conceived after feeling this? I'm ttc #2 but with my first I got pregnant first month and didn't track or pay attention to symptoms before a missed AF. I'm on month 10 of ttc so I'm not sure that I'm not over analyzing lol. Thanks for any advice!