Hormonal vent

I'm really hating on glow right now.
​I'm 4 days to a heavy period, 6 months TTC, and I'm hormonal. Like I feel good physically but I'm hating a lot of posts I'm seeing cuz people are asking about faint lines and symptoms. I know myself by now not to comment on anything until I can be nice and not a bitch so I'm not commenting but I'm still cranky inside.
​And I want to get my patio ready for the winter but the best time for me to take down my gazebo I was really really sick and had no energy to even get out of bed much less take down a gazebo and now it's barely dry outside to do it so it has to be done tomorrow along with putting away and air conditioner and cleaning my whole house. I run my own daycare and I have some new clients coming to meet me next week and so I like my house to be super clean for good first impressions. Oh and I'm happy I'm getting a new tattoo done on Monday on my thigh :) one good thing that came out of my miscarriage and not getting pregnant last cycle is I can get the tattoo I planned.
​Okay. I'm done. Feel a bit better :) back to watching tv :) oh and I'm really cranky that my flow is so heavy that I can't even go to the gym till is slows down a bit so I don't worry about leaking on myself. Wonderful thing to happen.