Lap dances

Amanda • Ttc#2 for a long time now got glow app in feb mid cycle I really want a fall baby so I`m making every effort next month
I am asking for some advice as I'm totally crushed today. 
​So my boyfriend of 11 yrs went to his brothers bachelor party last night, came home this am started telling bout the night, and said he went up for his dance and I kinda stepped back and said "umm what" as over 11 yrs we have discussed this as it's not his first time going to a strip club that I don't care he goes cause it's a bachelor party I just don't approve of lap dances it makes me feel less important to him and just plain sick to my stomach. He said it's not a big deal his dad bought him the dance and the song was already half over when he went up!! He said this is BS and went back to sleep. I just don't know what to think or say I'm really hurt. 11 yrs a home and a 3.5 yr old I'm just heartbroken cause he knew I didn't agree with that part.