How should I feel!?

Okay.. Long story short, hopefully..
​I've been dating my boyfriend for a little over a year, but we've been friends for 5 years. I'm his first serious girlfriend, so I'm the first girlfriend to be around his family. They liked me to begin with but as time went on, I found it hard to believe that they liked me. My family is a lot more lenient than his.. They're aware that I'm allowed to sleep next to him so they wouldn't let him sleep here.. Not that they would anyways. My mother allows it because I'm pretty sure I'm old enough to know right from wrong, I'm 18. I would not do anything that I would regret. I just enjoy cuddling that's all! Lol. 3 weeks ago.. He got into a big fight with his mother and his father got into it. She kicked him out and he came to live with me. She proceeded to say "go live with your girlfriend because it's clear she's all you care about"... And he went there the next day to get his hat and belt for work (or else he would get fired) and his dad chased him down the street.. And ripped his shirt. My boyfriend got in the car and his dad said "your girlfriend is a cunt" excuse my language... And so my boyfriend punches his father in the mouth and spit in his face. He's been living with me and just received his things back after 3 weeks. I made homemade gifts for him for his birthday and Christmas such as cards.. A mason jar with little notes... Etc. He asked for those back because they meant a lot to him and his mom said "your girlfriend just wants them because she's selfish and all about herself" and she expected me to pay her back for a cruise we just went on in order to get that stuff back.. Although she had previously said to me I didn't have to pay her because it was a gift. Him and his parents are on speaking terms but he still lives with me. I have no desire to talk with them at the would yall feel about this if you were me?