Abstinence & Birth Control

Brie • Writer
I implore anyone not married to take abstinence. Don't make the mistakes I did. I have so many regrets and men in my brain that I want to forget. Sex with a boyfriend is not worth the mental and emotional anguish that comes with pre-marital sex. I WISH I waited. If I started over, I WOULD. But I can't. 
And birth control makes females evil. I was on Depo and despised it. Spotted the entire month. I worked on a carrier surrounded by at least 1500 men per day and never wanted anything to do with them. Always cranky. I feel deep down that BC is another way for humans to control the female gender. In a way, it objectifies them, and gives them freedom to be irresponsible about sex. I know wives who were on it and they were angry and their partners. Mad or just irritated all the time. IUD, pills, the lot. 
​I know people will think I'm crazy. Those people will have to learn for themselves what I learned in eight years.