How long did you wait to tell parents/siblings that you were prego?

just got my BFP this weekend. Yay! DH and I are psyched to tell our fam and the oppprtunity would be great this Sunday; it's (Canadian) thanksgiving and my parents are hosting a dinner, with just close family and his parents will be there too. The opportunity is perfect, all four of the baby's grandparents and all the aunts and uncles will be there! 
However I feel like it would be really early; that's about 5 weeks in (by my calculation, I won't know for sure until my dr appoinment 2 days after this dinner.) To tell or not to tell? This is the first baby on both sides, it's a big deal.
​(Side note: I wouldn't be ashamed to talk about miscarriage with the family, but I worry that if I do miscarry, a big announcement will seem bittersweet after the fact. So I'm weighing whether I should at least go to the dr first.)

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