Did I ovulate late????


I thought after getting bfn's a week ago right when I was supposed to get my period that my period was just going to be late, but here I am on CD 45 with nothing but a tiny amount of brown spotting barely enough for a liner.

Then I noticed something funny on my temp chart. I had a second temp spike on CD 27, maybe I didn't ovulate when I thought! We bd'd 2 days before this spike, am I crazy to think I could actually be pregnant?

If I did actually ovulate on CD 27 that puts me at 18 dpo so I should be able to test now right?

I started with the brown spotting a couple of days ago and now it's completely stopped, I just assumed it was AF finally showing up but could it have been implantation?

I also have been drinking raspberry leaf tea for the last few days which helped bring on my period last month when it was sluggish but it's having no effect this time.. Makes me think..

Any input would be greatly appreciated!!

I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed!!