What's your opinion on men having strippers on their stag do??? 
My fiancé and I are getting married soon and I know his friends wanna give him a great stag do. Which I'm happier about because I'm having a hen night with my girlfriends. Spa, and cocktails, that kinda thing. 
But I know my fiance's friends and I know they will wanna get him a stripper. My fiancé s best friend had a stripper at his and she was like totally rubbing her pussy in his face (I saw the video) 
But I'm starting to worry a bit now. Is it normal for me to worry? 
What do you think about strippers?? 
I just think it's a little disrepectful the night before your wedding day. I would never have a stripper. I love my fiancé too much. I trust him and I know he probably won't like it but his friends are organizing it