Just another rant about racism

Denise • Hey girls hey 💁
Being a woman of color I've dealt with racism all my life - some times were worst than others and then there was today. It was the mild non verbal racism that sent me over. And I should tell you I make up the entire black population here in Vancouver B.C so, most of this unfortunately I'm used too - I guess. 
But today I had to go to the laundromat (basement flooded and is under renovations) the second I walked into the laundromat it was as if everyone stopped what they were doing and made sure to WATCH ME. I shrugged it off and went to the cashier because I wanted to do the drop off service instead of sitting there all Sunday afternoon. 
Then, my fiancé and I decided to get brunch and again, the second we walk into the restaurant everyone took a minute or two to look at me. One lady even asked to move tables one away from us. 
And again... When I went back to pick up my laundry. When I was grabbing the claim ticket out of my purse the cashier's husband covers the lady that initially helped me and said, "Don't Shoot, Please Don't Shoot!" Now I have everyone in the laundromat looking at me in fear... All I was trying to do is pick up my laundry... This is absolutely maddening to me that in 2016 I have to deal with ridiculousness like this on the everyday basis. 
There, that's it my rant for the day...