Advice please?! About Clearblue digital. 😊

Kristen β€’ -Mommy of a 4 year old & 2 angel babiesπŸ’œ-Expecting my Rainbow in March 2017!

How many of you ladies have gotten a faint positive on a cheap little regular pregnancy test, and then tested the next day with a Clearblue digital?

AF was due today and didn't show, THANKFULLY! I have gotten 4 extremely faint positive cheap pregnancy tests, and an EXTREMELY faint First Response Early Response. I'm so scared to take a digital Clearblue and it say "Not Pregnant" in the morning since it's my birthday.

Have any of you gotten extremely faint positives on cheap tests and then a negative on Clearblue Digital?

I heard it's quite common because it requires higher levels of HcG, I just was curious who went on to get a BFP, even with a negative digital. 😊