Just a vent


I am a cook, I'm use to long hours, working hard and getting shoved around in a kitchen. I'm 20 weeks and never used my pregnancy as an excuse to not do my job. I even jump on dish washing when needed. This woman I work with is 13 weeks (she has a 12 year old daughter so not her first rodeo) she uses her pregnancy as an excuse for everything. She won't stock anything, she begs to go home if we have more then 2 workers bc she doesn't want anyone to shove her on accident. She comes in 2 or more hours late for supposed unscheduled appts. She then said at her appt that they drew to much blood and she felt dizzy so she went home early, only bc she knew she was our volume that day(means your stuck there until we aren't busy). Now she's bitching that she wants MY shift so she can leave at 4 like I do. It's driving my crazy. I can't stand people who milk pregnancy as a disability. I work 50+ hours a week (no we don't need the money but I can't stand the thought of others picking up my slack) I have a 6 year old that I get on the bus and still take to his dr appt (diagnosed bipolar, adhd, and anxiety) and still come home to cook dinner and do his homework before his 9pm bed time. People like her make my life harder at work and at home from picking up their slack.

Oh and the reason I mentioned the dishes is because she refuses to do dishes at work when they get behind. She literally leaned on a wall and watched me clean the fryers even after the boss asked one of us to go help with dishes. She said she couldn't do it and goes "no I think he told just you to go over there" I was already supposed to be off work, she had just gotten there and was literally watching my work