Too much weight gain in the past couple weeks?

I am really concerned about my weight gain. My BMI was normal before pregnancy so I was really trying to not gain more than 35 lbs. I was right on track until my past two appointments. I've been gaining like 3-4 lbs each week! I just had my 37 week appointment this morning and I'm already up 35 lbs. At this rate, I'll be another 10-12 lbs heavier when I deliver. My doctor didn't seem concerned, blaming it mostly on fluid and swelling which is normal but I can't help but be completely upset and depressed. I don't want to struggle afterwards trying to get the weight off. I eat pretty well and have been keeping up with my exercising 3-4 times a week up until about a week ago. Now I just walk and do yoga. Can anyone relate? Any words of advice/wisdom for positive support?

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