Does anyone else share they're glow account with their hubby?

Diana • Where I`m meant to be...
Hi Girls, I just joined this app and I would have to say that I just love it. My hubby and I are currently not trying to get pregnant because we are not ready and because were both really busy with work & what not. I entered his email when I first signed up- for him to receive updates on my ovulation (for prevention) and PMS because I get really bitchy and irritated when I'm PMSing. I thought it would be a great way for us to know when I'm ovulating since I am not on birth control & for him to know when to ignore me when I'm on my "PMS-Fits" as I call them:( he thinks it's an absurd idea for him to track my period (lol) but I find it refreshing and great to be able to share these things w/ him. Any one else shares it with their hubby? If so what was his reaction