Sex, my boyfriend and his ex.

My boyfriend had a child with his ex. She recently gave birth to a unbelievably looka-like girl.

We had a huge fight because he violated my trust by telling his ex a private conversation we had about the child. So we agreed to take a two week break while we reconnect with each other.

Well.. once we were "on break" he immediately went to see his ex (as in an hour), claiming to want to see his baby girl. I think I may have become pregnant. I'm late this month and I plan on taking a test next month.

I don't know what to do if I am. I'm not ready for a child and was in the process of getting birth control. He said condoms were uncomfortable for his width which is why we didn't use them.

In your opinions, what should I do?

Obviously I believe I should tell him but currently I don't want to strain our relationship.