Anyone have these symptoms?

Jessica • From Iowa, 25 years old and trying for our first baby.
Just wondering if anyone has had these symptoms, first off; TTC baby number one for several months now, and I have been religiously tracking on glow for two months now, it has been pretty on point, AF isn't supposed to come (and hopefully she doesn't at all) until October 21. My symptoms are severe muscle and joint pains, including my back, lower stomach, arms, everything. I haven't done anything out of the normal and this has never happened to me before. Generally right before AF I will have tender breasts, some cramping and a headache. But this is very different, and pain I have never had before. I am just wondering if anyone had this and then got a BFP ? That is what I am hoping for, I know your head can chalk anything up to possibly being a pregnancy symptom so I figured I would ask to see if anyone else has had this? Is it possibly pre pregnancy symptoms? Looking for any feedback, thank you in advance.