Am I being unreasonable?

My husband is a geologist and is always trying to further his career. He just found out there is a conference in a city three hours away next weekend, and has begun making plans to go to it with some guys, splitting a hotel room, and making it a guys weekend. While I understand the benefit of him going to the conference, I will be 38 weeks 3 days while he is gone. We have only lived here a few months, I am 12 hours away from my nearest family member, and I do not have anyone I would feel comfortable calling in case I go into labor. This is my first baby, and needless to say I am terrified. The idea of going into labor alone, even if he can make it home in 3-4 hours, terrifies me. He doesn't understand this at all, and thinks it's no big deal because he can leave if he needs to (assuming I can get ahold of him immediately, which isn't always easy when he is at a conference). Should
I ask him to stay, or should I not make a big deal of it and let him go? Am I being unreasonable for not wanting him to leave so close to my due date?

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