Dying !

So I don't post much and when I do it's about bein really sick. I am 8weeks and 2 days, my first two weeks of pregnancy I was extremely sick  and in and out of the er for vommitting and dehydration. My dr gave me zofran and it has been working but I've noticed this last week I've been feeling more nauseous and experience more vommitting. Also a lot of constipation. I tried ducolax and it did absolutely nothing and this morning I tried milk of magnesia .. Well that did not settle so after flushing it with some water I attempted to eat and not even three bites into my breakfast sandwhich everything was coming up uncontrollable all triggered by a salty taste :( will the sickness ever stop 😖 I feel like my child is sucking the life right out of me 😥☹️ age 24.