Cd25 12dpo

MB ♡ • Meranda, 30 years old. My husband and I parents to a beautiful little girl, Shea Eliza born December 12th 2016!
I took a test at 9dpo and today at 12dpo both bfns and i am feeling pretty hopeless. I am getting so frustrated with the ttc process altogether. I stopped taking the pill last summer in june. I started tracking and using opk tests in September. Yet every month it's bfn after bfn no faints no nothing. I'm starting to wonder if we will ever have a child. My husband and are both fairly young I'm 28 he's 29 and in good health. We are trying for our first and probably only (we only want one). We haven't told anyone that we are ttc and I just need vent as I'm feeling really crappy today