Paranoid, Ex Spouse, Baby 😰

Hey, so I have this nausea medicine and it makes me like SUPER FRIGGIN DROWZY and what seems to be paranoid. For some reason, idk if it's the weather but I just got instantly terrified about the baby and I feel like me and my husband need to go on a vacation somewhere like immediately before the baby comes. Which is odd, because baby isn't due for another few months. I think it's because when the weather will be nice again I'll be big, and I'm scared I won't be able to do much and I'll miss quality time with hubby. And the weather today is nice and I just wanna do something with my husband! I miss him. 😩 What do you guys suggest? 
Maybe more than dinner on Valentine's Day? I want to go somewhere! I feel like we are going to be stuck once the baby is here. (And I think why I feel that way is he has an ex wife and two kids, and she likes to make our lives HELL so when the baby comes, I'm scared she will try to make it seem like all his spare time should be for his kids and she will go as far as to take him to court to get full custody since he's making a "new family" and doesn't need his kids. That's her thought process. I don't want to loose the kids, I don't want to loose quality time with my spouse either and I want to stop being so concerned with what she MIGHT do and just focus on my life!