So I've been dating this guy who I really like & adore for almost a year now..when we both met there was a spark that we both felt about one another..most of the time I feel like I'm the one who's putting all the effort into our relationship..I've only met 2 of his best friends..he's met some of my family & a couple of friends..he doesn't ever ask if I wanna go out and do something..he doesn't invite me to go or do anything with him..he doesn't invite me or ask me to come over..I on the other hand have invited him to do things & I'm the one that's asking if I can come over to his house or go out to dinner or a movie..he doesn't like talking about how he I guess I'm just trying to figure out should I keep him or let him go...I've got 3 kids & he has 1..he said me having to meet his son is a big deal to him..I'm confused & don't know what to do..