Lip bumps?

I've had this for nearly 3 months now I thought it was stress since I was stressed and it's all I could find online but I don't know what it is. The only lip balm to soothe it is Nivea but nothing gets rid of it. I really don't want to dish out money right now for a dermatologist because of other things going on (i rather my dogs and husband get problems fixed than myself). These bumps don't always show, only when it gets bad. My lips will constantly feel dry even if they aren't and if I go a couple hours without anything the bumps appear and then peel. It only stays along the rim of my lips. I have to wake up throughout the night to keep Nivea or Vaseline on them or it gets bad again. It's not contagious but rather irritating. I hate that I can't really kiss my husband because his facial hair irritates it more or my lips just hurt too bad. Has anybody experienced this or know what it's from?