Need to vent

Ashley • 22 years old in a serious committed relationship, not ready for a child, type 1 diabetic
I am having a mental and physical breakdown right now. I live with my boyfriend and recently we had some small financial troubles. Just last week he was in a car accident. It was not his fault and his car got banged up pretty good. Of course the other guy didn't have insurance so luckily my boyfriend had Full coverage which allowed his insurance to pick up the bill. However he has a $750 deductible that now has to be paid by him because the other guy obviously didn't have the insurance to cover it. They told us his car wouldn't be done for about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks and then we would have to have the $750 deductible to be able to pick up the car. Well it has been a week and we just got a call that the car is done and we need the money today. The rental car that the insurance was paying for is no longer covered after today because the car is done and we don't have the $750 to get his car back. We called the dealership fixing the car to ask if they would except payment plans and they said no so we asked if they would hold the car until we had the money and he said no also. I have no Idea what to do right now because he won't have a car and I'm afraid he will lose the car because he can't pick it up today and they said they won't hold it. I'm definitely freaking out. I'm also really pissed off because it's not even his fault and this guy didn't have insurance and now my boyfriend has to pick up the responsibility. ?????????