Why is life so cruel?

Michelle • I love my fiance with all my heart

Why is life so cruel?

Well im 21 livin in SA

I've been trying to get pregnant since I was 20. I'm a primary school teacher for grade R....hoping to have my own baby one day . I do love kids....

But why does the people who really want to get pregnant struggle... and those who dont want kids get pregnant ?

It breaks my heart to see woman get pregnant and go for abortions or just throw the child away not caring at all !!!

But to woman like me who pray and try just to get pregnant seems to be really heart.

Im starting to feel depressed about it . Working with kids playing giving them the love I want to give to my child.... I know im still young but this is what my lil heart desires.

I know there are a lot of woman who is trying so hard to get pregnant. And I know its heartbreaking to see teens an not want to be moms throw their children away