Ashley • 34 years old & married. Have a 2.5 old DD. She was a preemie. Not trying to prevent but not actively trying for now. If it happens, it happens.
Hey Glow world! I just wanted to compare notes to other previous pregnant ladies or TTC ladies. My husband and I have been TTC for two months now. I have been off the pill for two months but on it for 13 years. Last month I experienced way radical symptoms of ovulation (cramping) and  symptoms of PMS. This month it hasn't been that way. The hubby and I have TTC  three times during my fertile week into ovulation time. Tonight, I went to yoga class and I felt immensely dizzy which isn't normal for me. My balance and dizzy feeling challenged me all the way thru practice. My appetite has increased a bit as well as being tired and then moody. Could these be early signs of  implantation or pregnancy? Or am I reading into nothing? Thoughts?