Our Blessings♡

Katie • Wife,Mother of 3

I would like everyone to meet our Blessings♡ the picture of Wyatt (on left) was mine and DH first son. Back in March of this year we were told Wyatt had a Neural Tube defect called Anencephaly. It's where the brain and/or skull do not develop fully and is life threatening. No matter what our little bundle of joy was not going to make it. A week later we decided what was best for our family was to say our hellos and our goodbyes early. April 1st 2014 I was induced. At 8:21 pm, 11 long painful emotional hours we met our little Wyatt. At a full 11 Oz and 9 1/2 in long, Wyatt was the most perfect looking baby to us. About a month later DH and I started talking about when we wanted to try again. There was no set date as we were not rushing God's plans for us. But in July we found out that we were blessed with our second child (on right) Some people ask if we planned to have a baby so quickly after loosing Wyatt. It was not planned for that soon but yes the baby was planned. Not only by us but by God and Big brother Wyatt. To this day my husband and are still not sure of the reason we were given Wyatt and why our time was cut so short, but we couldn't imagine life without him being apart of us. And now our second son, Baby R, has an amazing guardian angel watching over him.

I'm sorry ladies that this is so long but I just wanted to share my story of going through the storm and finding my rainbow at the end♡