Ignorance is a dangerous kind of bliss

The chance of dying from a shark attack is about 1 in 8 million, compared with 1 in 110 for a car accident; yet very few are scared of cars but so many are terrified of sharks. This is a perfect example of how flawed people's judgement really is and how much of our fear is irrational and driven by hype/desensitization and exposure.
That's how I feel about medical procedures/intervention; people are terrified of anomalies and completely ignore the blatant risks. 
Unfortunately I'm scheduled for a caesarean because our baby is breech which is a hard pill to swallow but what gets to me most is how my OB keeps saying that "it's her way or the highway" if I ask about types of caesareans available, aftercare and/or recovery meds and options. Somehow because of the society I live in where people choose to put all their trust in the institution and vet nothing for themselves, I'm the odd one out because I question and want to be very much apart of the decisions about my healthcare. Somehow THAT'S odd, even though the 3rd leading cause of death in the US is medical error, and I would bet that its even higher than that for long-term/chronic complications 😓