Im going crazy?!?

I feel in my gut that I am pregnant but I got a negative yesterday... Here's my story I need help. December 29th I had unprotected sex my boyfriend finished inside of me, my birth control was messed up because of time distance, I was expecting my period on January 7-9. I took a test the day I was suppose to get my period and it came back negative. Then I took another in the evening a week later and that came back negative. On the 7 I got cramps and brown discharge on the 8th I got a little bit of light Bleeding, then nearly 1 1/2 or so after that I started experiancing food cravings, cramps and head aches. I started getting sticky white discharge.Now on the 3-5 of February I was suppose to have my next period and I got cramps and light pink/red blood and I've been nausea and very moody(one minute I'll be happy then I'm telling then I'm crying) my body doesn't feel how it usually does. I just feel sick and really hungry. My friends mom had all my symptoms and she had negative tests. Has anyone had this before? What should I do? My boyfriend says I'm just not myself. I had unprotected sex for 16 days straight in December, usually I cramp for 1 hour before I bleed heavily but the last two months it's been for days after days, and finally usually I am very heavy but these two months I can't even wear a small tampon because it is so light. Like I've been and cold flashes. I have been sweating uncontrollably I have to take my shirt off to wear sweater because I sweat so much that my shirt is too wet. I have been finding white sticky discharge. Every so often I laugh and I leak out which I didn't know that was a symptom. I fart constantly and I can't control it, and my nose has been weird it's stuffy and a week ago it was running a lot my boyfriend seems positive that I am pregnant because of how extra hormonal I am and how off I've been for last 2 months. I woke up with a metal taste in my mouth and I feel like I'm going to throw up. My nipples are darkening and are getting big veins.