So tired of hearing it!!!

My husband is 6'10" and I am 5'9".  
My husbands family is quite tall... No one is under 6 foot... 
Everyone joked before we were pregnant that our baby will come out the size of a toddler or have a full grown beard(my husband is a quite hairy) all kinds of jokes.  It was funny when I wasn't pregnant because I didn't have to really worry about it or think about it. But now that I am people keep telling me that he is going to be SO BIG, "oh my god your going to have a huge baby!!" 
I get so tired of hearing it. 
When he was born he was around 7 lbs and 19 inch, I was around 8 lbs and around 20 inch.  As far as I know that is pretty normal. 
I have literally had nightmares about my baby not being a baby it's a toddler and I miss his baby time and I get so depressed!!! 
I've told my family to stop saying it because it really does bother me so much but they still say it!!! 
GGGAAAHHHH I am dreading my baby shower!!!! It's going to be co-Ed and his friends, although not trying to be rude, can be kind of "mean".