Those who have 2 children under 2years apart

Annelise • Mom of 5
I am a little worried about preterm labor. My son was born at 38&1/2 weeks an was perfectly healthy. I am due with baby number two when my son will be 14 month old. My midwife doesn't think I'll make it past 38 weeks because of tests that were done on my firsts placenta after I had him. I am fine with having another healthy baby at 38 weeks however I'm nervous because other people with children very close together have told me they've gone earlier with their 2nd. My brothers step mom has Irish twins an her 2nd was born at 36 weeks. I've seen often babies born 36 weeks or earlier are often in nicu an have a few or many problems. So I just want to know from other moms with children very close together how your labor an delivery was. How early or late did you go into labor? How long were you in labor? Was the 2nd one easier or harder? Things like that. Tia