Dear Glow,

You are unfair. I will never understand.

Sometimes, people bully others on here, the same few people and they continue to show up time after time again, but you suspend people just for giving their advice or opinion.

Sometimes you allow inappropriate or rude posts while people debate violently over them, but you delete harmless innocent posts.

Sometimes you notify me when people have commented on my post or comment but other times you do not.

You are inconsistent and it is not fair. You do not follow rules or guidelines the way you set them and it is not fair.

You can not run a successful app by picking and choosing who you like, who you don't, which post you agree with, which one you don't, who you notify me about, who you don't. Standards need to be the same across the board.

I am tired of the I consistency, it is not fair.


A very aggravated glow member.

Ps. I think I speak for the many of us, can the "community/ thread" section please open up under the "new" tap, not the "top" posts tab?