Isn't this FAIR?

Soori • 22 | Married | 2 kids | Australia
So my husband and I separated a month ago we have one daughter and I'm pregnant with our second. He took all our savings but at the time I didn't care because I wasn't worried about the money I was worried about the relationship so I just let him take it. Well I haven't bothered him since for any money or anything but today I asked him (first time talking) to pay for half of the car seat I want which half is $300 and half for the bassinet ($100) and half for the new stroller seat ($100) so all together I asked for $500 for his new child and he completely blew up at me saying that's bullshit and it's 'not his problem' that I kicked him out so he doesn't have to pay for anything, no child support NOTHING so I said that's fine I'll just go through the courts for my child support then, have it your way. I think I was being very reasonable by asking him first when I could of just taken him to court before mentioning anything, am I not being fair? Just because I left him he feels he has no responsibility for the children! Sorry just so furious ladies !