Wanting more time with the bf

rainlover • Off birth control since 5/2016 been actively trying since 9/2017 22 years old now.
So I just turned 18 on the 3rd of oct . I am living with my parents still since I am still in high school and I am on the swim team so I have no time for a job. My boyfriend is 20 and we been dating for 7 and a half months now and he wants more time with me but my parents rules are restricting that we see each other once or twice a week n for only a certain amount of time or my parents think I am spending too much time with him. I get perfect grades and do everything they want me to do to a T and my boyfriend is getting pissed off now when they ask me to come home earlier then my curfew time or asking him to leave my house. He wants me to move in with him or demand I have more freedom do to me now being 18. My parents are being more n more strict n restricting me from doing more n more things and adding more rules need help they won't listen to me at all but they let my brother do everything he wants to do but then he is the baby n I am the first born n only girl :/