Just leave him

I love it that on these post of women venting about issues with there so the comments all say the same thing. Leav him, dump his sorry ads, wow you need to run. Half the things are just plane stupid. Your so said something mean to you oh guess.u better run and dump him. Oh u seen him look at another girl he is shady better dump him. What happens to.fighting for your relationship. Me and my husband fight I say stupid things and he does to. I've fought him talking to his ex and guess what I didn't leave him. You have to think he's a guy they all freak out when things are getting serious cause there Men. I have timely husband I think he is stupid or an ass hole I even told him I wish he would.move away. Suprise we are still together. All I am saying is why don't people start trying to find words to help people if people on here actually broke up.with there so 70% of everyone on here would single. How about instead of oh just dump that dead beat. Maybe ask question and get more of the story help the girl to talk through it maybe she is just overreacting. Don't get me wrong sometimes maybe they should break up but I feel like people are coming to that conclusion before even finishing the post. Sorry had to vent.